The success begins with the quality of the organization employees.

DAF Energy, which believes until the end in the correctness of this principle, goals to employ the best specialist personnel in their fields at every stage of the production and services stages pursuant to this maxim. It has chosen the path to utilize all tools and methods in order to benefit optimally from the skills, strengths and creativity of its employees, to increase personnel efficiency, to provide the opportunity for their development and thus to create a working environment, where co-operation and solidarity is adopted.

DAF Energy, which respects the principle “the right person for the right job” during the employment processes, is aware of that its specialist staff is its most important strength in the global competition environment with regard to its continuously developing and growing structure.

You may apply through the Internet when you should aim to be a member of the DAF Energy family. The indication of the department you are interested in during the application will provide that the assessment to be performed can be healthier.

Locking the employees to exiting targets and managing them at high performance standards
Making the management and employees responsible for the result
Giving the employees the opportunity to use their potential and skills
Creating a management team that will award superior performance.

DAF Energy, which realizes its goals first of all by the strength it acquires from the human resources it has, adopts the target to be a community, where mutual reliance and respect dominate, participation and diversity is valued. DAF Energy has always deemed the acquisition of superior qualified human resources, to keep the continuous development and motivation of its employees at a high level to be very important. DAF Energy, which keeps the satisfaction and development of its employees in the foreground and reserves sources for these issues, believes that new, creative opportunities can be caught by the blending of different perspectives and knowledges.

Basic Values of the Present and Future Members of DAF Energy;

Targets always to do the best by handling with the determination to succeed.

Undertakes individual initiative and responsibility.

Is ambitious, shows leadership at high quality.

Is sincere, respected, successfull and transparent.

Has a self developing, the persons around him/her motivating, efficient leader or team player identity.

Shares, consults and makes sacrifices.

Is customer focussed, targets to be also a reliable consultant beyond just a product/service supplier in the transparent and faith based relations with the customers.

Conducts transparent, long termed, lasting and on honesty based relations with the colleagues, customers, share holder and other business partners.

Is open for innovations, endeavours to develop himself/herself continuously.

Goals to contribute to the society in the fields of culture, art and education, is sensitive against the environment, undertakes an active role in order to raise the quality of life of the persons around him/her.



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