The heat interface unit is a multi-functional unit, that mounted separately in each apartment in buildings heated with a central system, which prepares the domestic water by the instant water heating principle and provides the control of the heating system.

Heat interface units undertake in central heating systems the task of an interface and constitute the energy centre of such apartments.


  Domestic Hot Water

  Domestic Hot Water Re-circulation


  - Radiator Heating

  - UnderfloorFloor Heating

  - FCU

  - Convector

  Cooling System

  Pressure Regulators and Balancing Valves

  Heat Meters and Flow Meters


Daf Hydrothem serisi ısı istasyonlarında kontrol hem hidrolik hem termostatik olarak yapılır.DF regulatör ile kullanım suyu ihtiyacıyla orantılı debi kontrolü yapılır vew termostatik sıcaklık kontrol vanası ile kullanım suyu istenilen sıcaklığa ayarlanabilir.İhtiyaç bittiğinde DF regulatör eşanjöre yönlendirmeyi sonlandırır.Böylece kullanım olamadığında eşanjör üzerinden sirkülasyon durur ve enerji kaybına sebep olmaz.


Multi dwelling buildings

Central heated houses

Different heat sources

- Geothermal

- Co-generation

- District heating

Natural gas, fuel oil, wood – coal boilers



The temperature of the domestic water at heat interface units can be adjusted at to desired temperatures between 20-70°C via hydrolic, thermal systems that both factors are combined.  The DAF Energy heat interface units guarantee a stable domestic hot water temperature, independent from flow rate changes. The hot water need, determined according to the size of the house and the number of the inhabitants, is met without the need for a waiting term thanks to the heat exchanger plates. It provides the appropriate (optimal) environment according to the operating conditions of the thermostatic valves in order to be able to control the temperature of each room.


Heat interface units don’t generate energy, they control and direct the hot water from the heating centre according to the need of the appartment. Therefore doesn’t each apartment need a separate natural gas line and an individual chimney. It doesn’t a burning process incur within the apartment and there is no risk for toxiditation since there is no special chimney. 


Operating and Maintenance

All pipes on the unit are made of AISI 316 quality stainless steel and all other mounting equipments are made of MS58 brass and AISI 316 stainless material and provide a high resistance against corrosion. There are in accordance with international standards manufactured heat exchangers plates made of AISI 316 quality stainless steel with copper solder, resistant against oxidation and calcification, used at the heat interface units. Beside this, the hydraulic design and thermal balance, taken into consideration during the design of the system, are preserved against the generation of lime stone.


The risk for “Legionella” is eliminated since there is no domestic hot water storage and it is prepared when needed, instantaneously.


3 main rises are needed in buildings, where the domestic hot water need is met with heat interface units.

- Hot Water Inlet (From Energy Centre)

- Hot Water Outlet (Return to Energy Centre)

- Cold mains input Potable Water

There is no need for equipments like boilers, hot water pumps, pump panels, boiler calorimeters, hot water meters since the domestic hot water is prepared at the heat interface unit on demand instantly.






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