A heating cost allocation system is the distribution of the heating costs at buildings which are heated with a central system. The distribution of the heating costs is bound to a systematic with the “Energy Efficiency Code” publishedin 2007 and the “heating cost allocation system” is implemented. The heating cost allocation was distributed only according to the utilization area until the effectuation of the code. The “heating cost allocation system”, which provides the distribution of the heating costs based on the consumption values, in being implemented as of the effectuation of the code.

The cost is quoted after having selected the appropriate materials for the central heating installation of the building and the features of the apartment intern installations when setting over to this new system. There are different applications and thus different costs possible. But, in order to provide you an idea, buildings, which meant that the heat control should be in their hands, have set over to the central heating boiler system by paying 3.000 - 3.500 TL. The cost of this new system is below these figures.

You will need to spend more energy for heating in the central heating boiler system when the households around you should shut off their central heating boilers. But all apartments equally share the heating of the common environments in central systems. The heating comfort of the central system is combined with the “pay as much you heat” advantages of the central heating boiler at the heat allocation system of DAF Energy.

• The residents of the apartments can control the environment temperature

• They pay lesser fuel charges by decreasing the temperature when there is nobody at home

• The residents of the apartments don’t need to open the windows and waste the heat in excessive heated apartments

• It provides saving of up to 40%

• This new system amortises itself in a short term

• It is fair since cost allocation will be performed based on the consumption values

• It contributes to the budget of our country, importing energy, by the control of the consumption.

• Whilst in the past apartments with central heating boilers were preferred, your apartment will gain value with the new heating cost allocation system (min. 20%)

• Property owners, who aimto lease their apartements, can hardly find leasers and pay the same fuel costs for their empty apartments as everyone with the existing system. Finding leasers will ease and the invoice for the empty apartment will be low with this new system.

1. Heat cost allocators are preferred in already occupied buildings. The reasons are that,

a) There is no construction works like breakages, installation changes necessary during the mounting process

b) The application term is very short, and doesn’t disturb the residents of the apartment that much

c) The costs are affordable.


2. And heat flow meters are used in new constructed buildings. The reason is that the infrastructure processes can be performed easily since it is already in construction stage.


3. The valves of all radiators are replaced with thermostatic valves.

Yes. The device, which ensures that the rooms automatically remain at the desired temperatures, is the thermostatic valve. The the thermostatic valve activates when the environment reaches the desired temperature and interrupts the water flow in the radiator. And the heating allocation system records the saved heat and the saving is reflected on the next invoice.

The temperature of the house may not fall below 15°C according to the directive. The purpose of this is to prevent an extreme cooling of the empty apartments. The devices in the apartment with all radiators closed will give a manipulation warning to the reader by the RF system.

The heating allocation systems generally amortise themselves in 1-2 years by the savings they provide.

The installation-delivery term varies depending on the number of households to be installed in. For example, the term for a cost allocator mounting in a mid-scale apartment house can be indicated as 1-2 days.

Our products have a guarantee of 2 years by law. Beside this commits DAF Energy to provide a lifetime cost allocation notifications and technical services.

Pay ölçerinizin arızalandığını siz fark etmeseniz bile okuma sırasında sistemimiz bize gösterecektir.

Evet, ön ödemeli sistemler içinde, aylık olarak harcanan ve yeni satın alınan gaz miktarlarının tespitlerini yaparak aylık gider bildiriminizi hazırlamaktayız.

Yapacağımız hizmet anlaşması gereği, gider bildirimi başına cüzi bir ödeme yapacaksınız.

Even if you should not notice it, our system will indicate it to us during the reading when your cost allocator should be defect.

Yes, we prepare your monthly cost notifications by determining the monthly consumed and new purchased gas amounts for pre-paid systems, too.

You will pay a very low charge pursuant to the service agreement we will subscribe.



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