The DAF Enerji RASC-53 thermostatic radiator valve is the “Automatic Radiator Valve” used at heating systems with radiators instead of manual radiator valves.  It allows you to regulate the room temperature to adjust, maintain and re-adjust on desire to the requested temperature. Each floor will be heated up as necessary, and an unbalanced heat distribution between the floors will be prevented.

The DAF Energy RASC-53 thermostatic radiator valve automatically regulates the amount of the water going to the radiator in order to keep the room temperature stable at your desired value thanks to the mechanismin it (increases or decreases it). The thermostatic radiator valve allows you thus to experience the comfort at yoru desired room temperature. Sooting at the curtains and walls will be minimized since the radiator will not heat up extra unneccessarily.

The DAF Energy RASC-53 thermostatic radiator valve recognizes the temperature increasing effects of heat distributed by other external (sun etc) and internal (people within the environmenti operating electrical appliances etc.) sources and prevents unnecessary temperature fluctuations and provides thus energy savings at ratios up to 30%.

Valve Position





Room Temperature °C





The thermostic valve automaticall activates and deactivates such to preserve the room temperature you set according to the table above depending on the environment temperature and regulates the water quantity flowing through the radiator.

  • Adjust the setting of your thermostatic valve according to the table above to the value corresponding to the temperature you desire the environment in which the radiator is to be. Each dot between the figures on the thermostatic valves corresponds to 1°C. Thus you are able to adjust the room temperature accurately.
  • There is no need for any additional adjustment after you have once set your thermostatic valve to the temperature you desire. Thus, the temperatures of all rooms at your home will be maintained at the set temperature, independent from the external temperatures.
  • The recommended temperatures for continuously used rooms are 20-22°C.
  • The recommended temperatures for occasionally used rooms are 15-18°C.
  • (The room temperatures should be at least 15°C according to the Directive No 26847 issued by the Ministry of Public Works and Settlement.)
  • Don’t cover your thermostatic valve.
  • Preserve your thermostatic valve against external factors like water, dust, mud etc.
  • Don’t change the setting of your thermostatic valve when your radiator gets cold.
  • The cooling down of your radiator means that the room temperature has reached the desired degree. The upper partof your radiator may be warm and the lower part may be cold in this case.
  • Set your thermostatic valve to position 5 and keep it at this position for at least one day in order to allow it to discharge the air comfortably when the water in your grid is newly filled and/or has trapped air. Notify your installer if there should be still air in your radiator though this process.

REMEMBER that a decrease of 1°C at the mean room temperature will provide a heat saving of approximately 6%

  • Separate temperature control, stable room temperature and a comfortable environment for each room.
  • Compact and neat design.
  • Locked at 2 positions in order to be not be able to be adjusted below 15°C according to the law.
  • Feature to set the upper and lower limits thanks to the limiting pins.
  • Long lifetime.
  • Possibility to regulate. (Simultaneous heating of the radiators irrespective the sizes of the radiators.)
  • Compliant with the EN 215 and CE standards.
  • High performance, energy saving up to 30%
  • Exquisite and qualitative workmanship
  • Fast mounting
  • Easy pre-adjustment possibility,
  • Patented fitting click connection



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